“You may not like it”

I forgot what would precede a devilish skeptic
in the mind or in the reason of which
I haven’t the foggiest of what would’ve been here
Like really
but actually

See my heart doubles back when its damaging
that’s just a quip I’ve taken from receiving so much
from the damaged
Don’t sound so confused
If you haven’t expressed a stream of magma from your eyes
in the last week,
you know what it means to release a cotton ball into a conversion
and still not feel like you’re padding a thing

But it’s not so goddamn easy anymore
have you walked a tight rope while whispering every third word of
“Don’t stop Believing” in between forced hiccups?
Has a conversation never begged of you that kind of concentration?

“It’s a little less than better than maybe…”
oh mercy.
I’ll grant you that
one way or another, you have to speak
like you were giving some version of an anvil
in your spine

Be hey,
there’s always time
but in those seconds its common to find yourself
not often to define
why, if you mind
or care how you do,

could it ever “be” so easy to let the buzzing
in your heart aspire to a resting state?

what does it mean??
Do you hate the world, or think less of the fondest you say
The closest to you aren’t close enough to warrant the heart to be
forthright and ready

No, that isn’t the reasoning
But I see what you’re taking
and it pains me to be a reminder
And how are you
so confident in your ways
with this in the crux
I forgot who I was talking to
As it all was covered in a shroud
A figment of collusion
between the past and the remainder
of fear on this planet

Maybe that’s what grips my tongue
til I know what the key looks like
And maybe it doesn’t own you
long enough to remain
but the attempt is a perfection
of every full throated praise
I’m not so afraid
I’ve looked at everything
Just to take a step with you
and not past you
my friend, don’t use my silence
to look away


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