On the Stage here and there

Let’s form an alliance
for the sake of a few fated presumptions
stay one each other’s side
our sentimentality recreated as a scarf

Let’s bounce off each other idly
and never need reminding
Just as complimentary as a plover hovers like smoke in the sky
unfortunately this day, I’ve had too much coffee to make more sense
but you’ve always been my cup of tea

Not forgetting the words of the wise
we have so much to learn of each other
from each other
on our own stage, we might sometimes become each other
and that’s okay
There it is to gain
your cues and fancied movements
with just enough light to find yourself
so comely at all times
I can escape the fourth wall becoming a mirror.

I wake up every day praying you won’t be surprised
that my mind projects a ray of humility
of pining for life on our stage,
and your don’t retire to my empty green room
or a back stage abyss
I’ll never cue a bow
and we’ll won’t miss a beat



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