Just Wide


Let’s wake

Blink click,

I fell away from a plate of bagels, and into the electric chips

so I click

click                                      scroll                                          hmm

Looking at a litany
of parallel-time activity as I was meant to see
and I don’t know if you’re happy
all I can read is “So happy”

It’s a pace from the adverts
and processed cinematic
I’ve signed in already

I could float and refresh for a mood change
Drag my inspirations through the silks
There, a window to a world where
the dogs know how to jump onto the counter
for mountain dew

Dedicate the fractions of the day to nostalgia
to take the pressure off your passion
Who remembers Erasmus?
The archivists
who track down the past for your fulfillment

Its now a certain kind of ordinary swim
You could see your reflection underwater
and never trouble the sky
Slip your secrets
off the continental shelf
with the reputation
without dream



Photo by Joe Loek


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