4 AM ’14

The world you know softens its heart in the hours that it keeps to itself
Nestled in twilight; Cosmos tells brother and sister to lend themselves to opposite ends
Who am I to question decisions so great?
A humble starling begs to bathe in secrets so vast and so brilliant in a time of potential
My crows would stand in deeper pools to carry me from that blissful night to a tranquil break
Paired off
on another adventure… exclusive news… treasure chests containing new perspectives from new-found shadows
Does it always produce dreams adhering to my skin, or do I produce a fondness for it?
Let it morph along the surfaces of black, concrete, pillow top.
I swill each second, and they glisten in my candled smiles
Look another way,
What is a day without your rise?
Could I not rise higher than with a heart so gratefully hooked to my candescent brother?
My spirit stands to reason
anecdotes are no more vivid
none so cat’s cradle intricate
as I speak while aching with patience of the new horizon
Each as charming as the one before it
Eating days in the solace of that fragment between today and tomorrow
A waiting room
Rest how you see
That view is yours



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