You may not like it

I forgot what would precede a devilish skeptic in the mind or in the reason of which I haven’t the foggiest of what would’ve been here Like really but actually See my heart doubles back when its damaging that’s just a quip I’ve taken from receiving so much from the damaged Don’t sound so confused […]

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On the Stage here and there

Let’s form an alliance for the sake of a few fated presumptions stay one each other’s side our sentimentality recreated as a scarf Let’s bounce off each other idly and never need reminding Just as complimentary as a plover hovers like smoke in the sky unfortunately this day, I’ve had too much coffee to make […]

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Knowing your Family

Today, you learn the way a word can evolve And anyhow the phrase “respect your elders” bathes in irony Though, my love know your mother fore she is your shadow the perceptible youth retrains know your father he is rival of your cloaked companion as it shows he will reunite your greatest fear with every […]

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Just Wide

Well Let’s wake Blink click, I fell away from a plate of bagels, and into the electric chips so I click click                                      scroll                             […]

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4 AM ’14

The world you know softens its heart in the hours that it keeps to itself Nestled in twilight; Cosmos tells brother and sister to lend themselves to opposite ends Who am I to question decisions so great? A humble starling begs to bathe in secrets so vast and so brilliant in a time of potential […]

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